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Enter the best kept gourmet address of the Parisian Golden Triangle since 1852.
Taste our exceptional chocolates, our pralines, our ganaches and our mendiants.
Fall in love with our traditional caramels, our caramelized almonds and our fruity creations
Find the original recipes of old fashioned pralines, salvatores or our delicious fondants…
Here is where the art of French gourmandise is expressed.


In 170 years of excellence, 5 generations of chocolate and confectionery craftsmen have conquered the hearts of great artists, from Claude Monet to Gertrude Stein, from Yves Saint Laurent to Christian Dior, as well as many eminent personalities, including the Elysée Palace.
Our traditional know-how, recognized as Patrimoine Vivant de France, goes hand in hand with a tailor-made service, capable of retaining the preferences of our loyal customers, over several generations.
Each visit is a marvel, each preparation is a historical sweetness to share

History of the House FOUQUET

1852 : Birth of the history FOUQUET

In 1852, the year of Napoleon III’s coronation, FOUQUET was born at 36 rue Laffitte in the heart of Paris. In the historic location of the workshops where chocolates, confectionery and delicatessen products are still made today, discover the myth of a House that has become iconic.

  1. 1900 - 1920

    Birth of a company

    Louis Fouquet creates Maison Fouquet, a jam creation store at 36 Rue Laffitte in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. Claude Monet, who was very fond of fondant and Violet candies, was one of the very first customers.

  2. 1920 - 1940

    The beginning of a family adventure

    The Chambeau-Mimard family took over the House of FOUQUET at the beginning of the century. To the confectioner's trade they added the confectioner's trade. The FOUQUET tea room in the rue Laffitte became a favorite meeting place for authors and painters in the neighborhood.

  3. 1940 - 1970

    The Roaring Twenties

    Under the direction of Alfred Chambeau, the company grew rapidly. The boutique on rue François 1er was opened in 1928, even before the advent of the Golden Triangle. The opening of two boutiques on avenue de Messine and avenue de la Bourdonnais followed in the 1930s

  4. 1970 - 2004

    The rise of the brand

    If the post-war crisis forces FOUQUET to separate from two stores, Monique Chambeau or rather Mademoiselle Fouquet takes advantage of the whirlwind of the 60s to establish the reputation of the house in the fields of confectionery and delicatessen. FOUQUET became a brand synonymous with perfection and luxury.

  5. 2004 - 2020

    Between tradition and innovation

    Christophe Chambeau, Alfred's grandson and Monique's nephew, takes over the destiny of FOUQUET. He modernizes the production tool by enlarging the laboratories, enriches the range of chocolates and extends the notoriety of the brand abroad

  6. 2020 - ...

    The 5th generation

    Catherine Vaz and Frédéric Chambeau, great-grandchildren of Alfred, take over the company. Eager for adventure, they developed the brand beyond our borders: Tokyo, Seoul and New York. From now on, only our Parisian boutiques have survived the vagaries of time.